Mini-Me: NSA Created Not One But TWO RSA Back-Doors (and Crummy Ones Usable by Others, at That)

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Who?  Mini-Me?
Who? Mini-Me?


NOT JUST ONE! RSA Adopted Two NSA Backdoored Encryption Tools

Exclusive: NSA infiltrated RS security more deeply than thought – study

Phi Beta Iota: Since 1994 NSA has not only been in direct violation of its charter to protect US communications and computers to the best of its ability, but it has introduced so many chicken-shit backdoors that it essentially subsidized — enabled —  ready access to US technology and trade secrets and financial information that might otherwise have been much harder for less talented cyber-criminals to penetrate. Of course the mediocrity of Microsoft and others helped, but at root, the US Government betrayed the public trust, thank you NSA.

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