Rickard Falkvinge: Sweden Retards – If You Need a Permit to Exercise a Freedeom, It is NOT a Freedom!

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Rickard Falkvinge
Rickard Falkvinge

Sweden Goes Full Retard, Requires Registration Of Every Individual Playing Lottery

Privacy:  Sweden, like most European countries, has a number of governmentally-run state lotteries that are an efficient extra tax on the people who can’t math properly. Because of the jackpot sizes (nine-figure euro or dollar amounts), they are still hugely popular. From June 1, the Swedish state lottery requires people who want to buy a simple lottery ticket to identify and register.

For some time, the Swedish governmental lottery has allowed people to identify and register, in which case, the lottery will perform the service of checking each lottery ticket for winnings and depositing any winnings directly into the winner’s bank account. This has been a provided and convenient service.

However, as of June 1, this service instead goes full mandatory surveillance, requiring people to show proof of identity and be entered into a “register of gamblers” with the lottery – and since the lottery is a governmental monopoly, register with the government.

The governmental lottery is trying to spin this with all the usual words like “responsibility”, but in reality, what is happening here is yet another large stride into a full-blown surveillance state. This is not taking responsibility; this is absconding it and going full retard.

UPDATE: As pointed out, the registration can also be denied pretty much at the state lottery’s discretion. Therefore, this is more than a registration; this is a lottery playing permit.

We’re already required to apply for permits to exercise the most mundane rights like freedom of assembly and freedom of speech in public – this is a red flag. Another. (For the record, if you need a permit to exercise a freedom, it isn’t a freedom at all.)

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