Stephen E. Arnold: Technology Flopping – Thinking Still Out of Style

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Concern about the Future of Technology

I suggest you read two articles.

The first is from folks who make their living cheerleading technology. The article “What Does the Recent Tech Stock Downturn Meant? The Truth Is Nobody Knows.” is an admission that the future of technology is—well—not too clear. With increasing class tension in the City by the Bay, I suppose some reflection is warranted. I sort of knew this when I was a wee lad. Apparently for those surfing technology, the notion that the fancy analytics systems with their clever predictive methods are clueless is interesting. I assume not even insider information is illuminating the dark corners of what seems to be a somewhat trivial issue compared with some of the national and international news.

The second is “We got Bookies to Predict the Future of Tech.” Crowdsourcing the future is not too interesting. I checked out the investment and threat markets and concluded that the Ivory Tower folks had time on their hands. This article contains a quote I noted. The comment is about Google Glass. Few items of headgear trigger assaults, so I was intrigued:

“Simply put, we don’t feel like this will catch on with the wider consumer base in remotely the same way as the iPhone since we feel the majority will still perceive it as something of a gimmick not relevant to their daily lives, especially for the cost. Therefore we are happy to make it a long shot that this item ever outsells the latest iPhone in any year until the end of the decade.”

Maybe self assembly will be more productive?

Stephen E Arnold, April 19, 2014

Phi Beta Iota: We may be approaching the end of what one author has called Silicon Valley Snake Oil. Put most simply, Americans in particular have grown accustomed to throwing money at technology without being held accountable for tangible results. “TECHNOLOGY IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR THINKING.” Robert Steele has been saying this for decades. The human brain is the one inexhaustible resource we have, and we have done everything possible — in the USA at least — to bury that potential with rotten education, corrupt intelligence, and incoherent research. Now that physics is discovering consciousness, and there are small pockets of integral consciousness emerging here are there, we may be approaching a break-out moment for the World Brain. It will be human-centric with technology as an enabler, not as the hub.

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