Worth a Look: Creating a Sustainable and Desireable Future

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Creating a Sustainable and Desirable Future : Insights from 45 Global Thought Leaders

Robert Costanza, Ida Kubiszewski (eds)

The major challenge for the current generation of mankind is to develop a shared vision of a future that is both desirable to the vast majority of humanity and ecologically sustainable. Creating a Sustainable and Desirable Future offers a broad, critical discussion on what such a future should or can be, with global perspectives written by some of the world’s leading thinkers, including: Wendell Berry, Van Jones, Frances Moore Lappe, Peggy Liu, Hunter Lovins, Gus Speth, Bill McKibben, and many more.

Sample Chapter(s)
Chapter 1: Why We Need Visions of a Sustainable and Desirable World (51 KB)


  • Introduction:
    • Why We Need Visions of a Sustainable and Desirable World (Robert Costanza and Ida Kubiszewski)
    • Envisioning a Sustainable World (Donella Meadows)
    • Why Everyone Should Be a Futurist? (William S Becker)
    • Think Like an Ecosystem, See Solutions (Frances Moore Lappé)
  • Future Histories: Descriptions of a Sustainable and Desirable Future and How We Got There:
    • What Would a Sustainable and Desirable Economy-in-Society-in-Nature Look Like? (Robert Costanza, Gar Alperovitz, Herman Daly, Joshua Farley, Carol Franco, Tim Jackson, Ida Kubiszewski, Juliet Schor, and Peter Victor)
    • Vision Statement for the Planet in 2050 (Ajay Bhave, Silvia Ceausu, Anand Deshmukh, Jessica Jewell, Wayne Pan, and Jana Timm)
    • Scenes from the Great Transition (Paul D Raskin)
    • Environmental History Exam 2052: The Last Half-Century (Les W Kuzyk)
    • A Virtual Visit to a Sustainable 2050 (Robert Costanza)
    • Reflections on a Life Lived Well and Wisely (Joshua Farley)
    • The Great Turnaround: How Natural Capital Entered the Economy? (Ronald Colman)
    • How New Zealand Became a Green Leader? (John Peet)
    • The New New York: 2050 (Barbara Elizabeth Stewart)
  • Pieces of the Puzzle: Elements of the World We Want:
    • Sustainability and Happiness: A Development Philosophy for Bhutan and the World (Jigmi Y Thinley)
    • Flourishing as a Goal of International Policy (Martin Seligman)
    • What Else? (Wendell Berry)
    • Let Us Envision Gender Equality: Nothing Else is Working (Jane Roberts)
    • Another World: Finally Her(e) (Kavita N Ramdas and Jamie Querubin)
    • Policy Reform to 350 (Bill McKibben)
    • The Great Transition to 350 (Dylan Walsh and Tess Croner)
    • On Baselines That Need Shifting (Daniel Pauly)
    • The Future of Roads: No Driving, No Emissions, Nature Reconnected (Richard T T Forman and Daniel Sperling)
    • The New Security (Gary Hart)
    • Green Accounting: Balancing Environment and Economy (Peter Bartelmus)
    • A Vision of America the Possible (James Gustave Speth)
  • Getting There:
    • The Way Forward: Survival 2100 (William E Rees)
    • An Integrating Story for a Sustainable Future (Mary Evelyn Tucker and Brian Thomas Swimme)
    • It Is Time to Fight the Status Quo (Bill McKibben)
    • Can We Avoid the Perfect Storm? (David W Orr)
    • Sustainable Shrinkage: Envisioning a Smaller, Stronger Economy (Ernest Callenbach)
    • How to Apply Resilience Thinking: In Australia and Beyond? (Brian Walker)
    • Endangered Elements: Conserving the Building Blocks of Life (Penny D Sackett)
    • Well-Being, Sufficiency, and Work-Time Reduction (Anders Hayden)
    • Millennium Consumption Goals (MCGs) at Rio+20: A Practical Step Toward Global Sustainability (Mohan Munasinghe)
    • Happiness and Psychological Well-Being: Building Human Capital to Benefit Individuals and Society (George W Burns)
    • Time for a Bold Vision: A New, Green Economy (Van Jones)
    • A World That Works for All (L Hunter Lovins)
    • Fighting Poverty by Healing the Environment (Christine Loh)
    • Re-Engineering the Planet: Three Steps to a Sustainable Free-Market Economy (Eckart Wintzen)
    • Raising Gross National Happiness through Agroforestry (Pahuna Sharma-Laden and Croix Thompson)
    • Building Bridges between Science and Policy to Achieve Sustainability (Katherine Richardson and Ole Wæver)
    • Bringing Mozart to the Masses: Venezuela’s Music Revolution (Maria Páez Victor)
    • Creating the Schools of the Future: Education for a Sustainable Society (Peter M Senge)
    • A Values-Based Set of Solutions for the Next Generation (Tim Kasser)
    • Teaching a University Course in Sustainable Happiness (Catherine O’Brien)
    • The Time Has Come to Catalyze a Sustainable Consumerism Movement (Peggy Liu)

Readership: Undergraduates, professionals, researchers, and anyone interested in what a sustainable and desirable future might look like.

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