Abe Lederman: Deep Web versus Dark Web — Correcting TIME Magazine’s 2013 Errors About the “Secret Web”

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Abe Lederman
Abe Lederman

PHI BETA IOTA: As recently as 2013, TIME Magazine has made the mistake — in a cover story no less — of equating the Deep Web to the Dark Web. One is unindexed and legal, the other is anonymous and often invisible as well as criminal. For TIME Magazine to not know the difference — and to ignore a very professional letter from Abe Lederman, founder of Deep Web Technologies seeking to correct the record, is in our view emblematic of the sad ignorance as well as editorial shallowness that characterizes the mainstream media. Below, with profound respect for the ethics, accomplishments, and enormous future potential of Abe Lederman and his company, Deep Web Technologies, we are happy to post pointers to the two TIME Magazine stories that are in error (the authors are Lev Grossman and Jay Newton-Small); and to the blog correction posted by Mr. Lederman that includes a copy of the Letter to the Editor that TIME Magainze in its insousance failed to acknowledge, much less publish. TIME did fine on the Dark Web. They know nothing at all about the much larger, much more important Deep Web . Here is the authentic perspective of Abe Lederman. We are glad to shine a light on his hard-earned knowledge.

TIME: The Secret Web: Where Drugs, Porn and Murder Live Online (11 November 2013)

TIME: Why The Deep Web Has Washington Worried (31 October 2013)

LEDERMAN: The Deep Web isn’t all drugs, porn, and murder

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