SchwartzReport: No One Trusts Washington on Climate Change – Loss of Legitimacy is EXPENSIVE

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

The ongoing disinformation campaign financed by carbon interests such as the Koch brothers, combined with the corruption of every branch of our government, has left us in this condition.

No One Trusts Washington on Climate Change
CHRISTOPHER CALDWELL, Senior Editor – Financial Times (U.K.)

In the age of the Iraq war and Obamacare, the government is hardly a trustworthy body.

The 841-page National Climate Assessment released by the US government this week has been described as ‘sobering”, but Americans do not appear sobered. The report goes into astonishing detail about what severe climate change would mean – and what it means already to specific villages, mountains and beaches.

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Americans have been receiving such warnings for a decade. None has managed to rouse the country from its seeming indifference. Asked by The Wall Street Journal and NBC in January which of 15 issues were an ‘absolute priority for this year”, Americans ranked climate change last, far behind jobs, the minimum wage and the Iranian nuclear bomb.

Almost a third of voters (29 per cent) said nothing should be done about it at all. According to a January poll by the Pew Center, Canadians, Asians and Latin Americans all consider climate change the single largest threat to their countries. Americans rank it barely above ‘instability in Pakistan”.

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Mr Huntsman and Mr Obama assume the argument about global warming is over science. That is true in the academy. It is false among the public at large, where probably 99 per cent of those urged to form an opinion on global warming cannot verify the science independently.

This includes almost all the politicians and – let us be clear – most reporters and columnists, too. Their only choice is to find a trustworthy authority on whom they can rely. In the age of the Iraq war and the Affordable Care Act, where is such an authority to be found? Until government re-establishes a reputation for baseline competence and probity, the public will be rightly suspicious of any big project for which enthusiasm must be drummed up.

Phi Beta Iota: For a quarter century now we have been calling on the government and others to focus on the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Army PSYOP gets that. CIA and black special operations do not get that, which is why there is a battle royale going on right now between the deep state lack of soul and the state proper filled with good people trapped in a bad system — and another battle royale going on betwen White SOF and Black SOF. The truth at any cost lowers all other costs. Until government reconnects with ethics and its sole legitimate purpose — public agency rooted in truth — government will not be trusted by the public and will fail to do its Constitutionally-prescribed duty. It merits comments that the integrity of cyber is the next battle royale. As Robert Garigue (RIP)  undertood, perhaps uniquely among those that claim to be cyber-experts, cyber-security is about remote trust among humans — trust among individuals, trust in the authenticity of information, trust in shared purpose. Trust is root.

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