Berto Jongman: CYBER – 10 Ways to Kill the Internet — and Information-Sharing Analysis Centers (ISAC)

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

The bad with the good.

The Plan to Kill the Internet Uncovered

10 ways web freedom is being butchered worldwide.


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1) The Death of Net Neutrality
2) Intelligence Agencies are Manipulating the Internet With Deliberate Disinformation
3) Governments are Paying Trolls to Sway Public Opinion
4) Mainstream News Websites are Killing Comment Sections
5) The Obama Administration’s “Cognitive Infiltration” of the Internet
6) False Flag Cybersecurity Attacks as a Pretext to Increase Web Regulation
7) Fairness Doctrine for the Internet
8) Homeland Security’s Internet Kill Switch
9) New Taxes and Regulations Set to Stifle Communication & Sales on the Web
10) SOPA, CISPA & The FBI’s Internet Backdoor

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ISACs: Let the Sharing Begin

A while back, I wrote about the value of information sharing, and the role of ISACs (Information Sharing and Analysis Centers) – see “The Bad Guys Are Winning: Information Sharing And Asymmetric Advantage.” I’m a huge fan of this model for sharing information about cyber threats.

A shining example of an effective ISAC is the Financial Services ISAC (FS-ISAC), but one of the lurking questions about their work is whether they are violating any anti-trust regulations in the US. Having worked with them, it was my opinion that they weren’t doing anything that felt like anti-trust, but I’m not a legal expert.  By the way – the ICS-ISAC, which deals with Industrial Control Systems, recently showed its value in an attack on the US Utility Control System infrastructure.


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