EVENT: 21 May 2014 NYC The Future of Information LIBTECH.cc

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While we take the Internet for granted as an essential part of everyday life, decisions are being made behind the scenes that affect its future and the lives of everyone who relies on it. Net users are like players in a game where the rules are unknown and can change at any time. Decisions are made by technologists, government regulators and legislators, nonprofits and civil society groups — with a great deal of influence by special interests — far from public view or understanding.
― David Solomonoff, NY Internet Society

Internet Week side event to envision, learn, share and build robust, decentralized networks through participatory systems.
• Save the Internet: net neutrality protestors camp out against FCC ruling
• Create the People’s Intelligence Agency with Robert David Steele, author of Open Source Everything Mainfesto
• Learn from veteran attorney Stanley Cohen on criminalization of dissent
• Explore how a new Internet Bill of Rights might function
• Reclaim: where communities of practice connect around projects
• Build and Transform Social Capital, DIY Liberation Technology + YOU

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Groucho Fractal and Scott BeibinBeyond the Grid with video artist Paul Garrin with Nicole Brydson of MisFit Mediaveteran attorney activist Stanley Cohencyber-reformer and intelligence professional Robert David Steele on Intelligence in the public interest, Nate Heasley with GoodnikSandra Ordonez with Open Internet Tools Projects (OpenITP)Nick Farr – Hackers on Planet Earth, reACTor (Josephine Dorado and Jeremy Pesner), David Solomonoff with the Internet Society of New YorkBruce Lincoln & Clayton Banks envisioning the technological future with Silicon Harlem, Thomas Lowenhaupt of Connectingnyc.org, Ted Schulman and the Open Source Imperative, Ted Hall and Seedball, culture change campaigns with Fred Sullivan and the Man-Up Campaign and communities of practice including Arc 38 and Brooklyn the Borough.

Save the Interent, FCC, Open Data, Global Game, Electronic Magna Carta, TLDs, .nyc, Privacy, Open Hardware, Inclusive Access, Open Software, Open Culture, Corporatism, Open Innovation, Mesh Networks, Net Neutrality, NSA, TLD, Comcast, Just Net, Internet of Things, CIA, Freedom, Community Tools, DNA, Evolution and more.

Join us for the Livestream if you can’t be with us.

This all happens Wed, May 21st at NYU, 251 Mercer Street, NY, NY from 3:00 – 9:00pm
Admission – $12 (or help out at the event – no one turned away)

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