Hal Berghel: OUT OF BAND – STEM, Revisted — Bogus Crisis?

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Hal Berghel
Hal Berghel

STEM, Revisited

Are we really facing a STEM crisis? Or is this crisis as bogus as the missile gap that started the space race over 50 years ago? It's time to cut through the hyperbole and take a hard look.


In our desire to heighten technical skills and achieve scientific hegemony, we lost sight of the incredible value of a well-rounded education. And this loss has had a debilitating effect on society today.

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Hal Berghel is currently Professor of Computer Science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he has previously served as Director of the School of Computer Science and Associate Dean of the College of Engineering. He is also the founding Director of the Identity Theft and Financial Fraud Research and Operations Center. His research interests are wide-ranging within the binary and digital ecosystem, ranging from logic programming and expert systems, relational database design, algorithms for non-resolution based inferencing, approximate string matching, digital watermarking and steganography, and digital security (including both computer and network forensics).

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