Hunter Newby: Infrastructure Peering — A Physical Layer Understanding of Net Neutrality

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Hunter Newby
Hunter Newby

Hunter Newby is the CEO of Allied Fiber, a carrier neutral provider of dark fiber with a national footprint addressing the lack of accessible dark fiber in the market by making it available for long term lease. He is a twelve year veteran of the telecom networking industry and has built a depth of creative and management experience and expertise in multiple disciplines within the field ranging from sales, marketing and technical aspects to network engineering and raising capital.

ROBERT STEELE: I encountered Hunter Newby in NYC where he was the opening speaker at LIBTCH NYC (I was the closing speaker). In all the years I have been focusing on cyber as the flip side of intelligence, I cannot think of a more energizing and inspiring package of intelligence and integrity combined with a concept I did not properly understand: dark fiber. Understood in Hunter’s terms, this also changes our understanding of net neutrality — communities can opt-in to direct access to this dark fibre, and by-pass all intermediaries with enormous cost savings and bandwidth amplification.

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We are going to start following this. Dark fiber is the carrier-neutral physical layer that is in theory without limit, which Hunter has very brilliantly arranged to run within the railroad right of ways across America. This is “root” for a Smart Nation on the cyber side. This is also what does not exist as a public or universal service. Below is the briefing he presented, followed by a selection of particularly interesting columns he has published before. A complete list of his prior columns is here.

Allied Fiber LLC Dark Fibre Briefing to LIBTECH NYC

See Especially:

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