Hal Berghel: Comments on Intelligence Leadership, Moral Hazards, Manning, Snowden, & Wikileaks

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Hal Berghel
Hal Berghel

Leadership Failures in the National Security Complex

Current NSA forecast: continued Snowden flurries with no end in sight. No one blames the hardworking NSA employees for the latest series of gaffes: it’s the feckless leadership and the politics that got them there that are responsible for our current difficulties

PDF (4 Pages): Hal on Leadership 6-14

Mr. Snowden’s Legacy

Edward Snowden’s ongoing NSA disclosures seem to have the same effect on neoconservative and big-government politicians that a full moon has on werewolves—it just drives them crazy! What did he do to incur all of this acrimony?

PDF (5 Pages): Hal on Snowden 4-14

WikiLeaks and the Matter of Private Manning

The release of significant documents by WikiLeaks, the international online not-for-profit organization, has become front-page news that has significant implications for computing

PDF (4 Pages): Hal on WikiLeaks & Manning 3-12

Moral Hazards, Negative Externalities, and the Surveillance Economy

Modern economics includes the art of making common sense abstruse. Terms like moral hazard and negative externality both describe states of transactional imbalance. And this imbalance isn’t limited to economics. When governments are involved, even digital technology can be threatening

Hal on Moral Hazards 2-14

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