Schwartz Report: Irish Catholic Church Rents Babies (Taken Away from Unwed Mothers) for Drug Trials, Puts the Dead Ones in a Septic Tank — Over 800 of Them…

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

This story broke almost a week ago, but it was so inflammatory that I decided not to run it immediately. I wanted to be sure it was accurate. Nearly 800 dead babies found in a septic tank on the grounds of a Roman Catholic home for “unwed mothers” was just too damning. As time as gone on however the story just gets worse. Here is the current state of the situation. This is part of the trend of the imploding Catholic Church. And I suspect there will be more revelations to come.

The Catholic Irish Babies Scandal: It Gets Much Worse

It gets worse. One week after revelations of how over the span of 35 years, a County Galway home for unwed mothers cavalierly disposed of the bodies of nearly 800 babies and toddlers [3] on a site that held a septic tank, new reports are leveling a whole different set of charges about what happened to the children of those Irish homes.

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