Tom Atlee: Empathy Part of Co-Intelligence

Collective Intelligence
Tom Atlee
Tom Atlee

Realizing Empathy as Part of Co-Intelligence

Few people – including myself until recently – have realized how important empathy is to co-intelligence. Here I focus on four important connectors between empathy and co-intelligence – being heard, random selection, effective deep understanding, and resonant intelligence – that are fundamental to the creation of a truly wise democracy.

Late in March I was told that I would be given the first Credere award for promoting “empathic individualism”.

At first this struck me as odd.  While I have written about empathy a number of times, it has certainly not been my central focus. Furthermore, I know a number of colleagues for whom empathy IS their focus – and some of them are doing excellent work worthy of such an award.  (I think of Miki Kashtan, in particular.)

Although I suggested this to the person responsible for the award, he insisted that he wanted me as their first recipient.  As we talked about this and about what I might say in the speech he wanted me to give in October when I formally received the award, I had some interesting realizations I want to share with you about empathy and co-intelligence.

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