Robert Steele: NYT Finally Gets It Right – Ghani Transformed Plus Fareed Zakaria on Iran and Maliki Not Signing BSA in Iraq — as Abdulllah will not sign if fraudulently “elected” in Afghanistan

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

Better late than never.  Ghani won the election — now we need to see if the US Government will stand by our principles and help assure a legitimate count. See also the second headline, for an understanding of how Iran controlled the non-signing of the BSA in Iraq to create this situation. If Abdullah is fradulently election, I anticipate that he will NOT sign the BSA, this having been a condition for Iran’s funding of his campaign and Karzai-Daudzai fraud.

Technocrat to Afghan Populist, Ashraf Ghani Is Transformed


NYT Asia Pacific, JUNE 11, 2014

KABUL, Afghanistan — When dealing with Western officials, Ashraf Ghani presents himself as the rare technocrat who possesses both the cultural savvy and practical expertise needed to put Afghanistan back on track if he is elected president in the runoff vote on Saturday.

After all, as Mr. Ghani readily reminds people, he has written a book titled “Fixing Failed States.”

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But Afghan voters are less impressed by a doctorate from Columbia University, a 15-year stint at the World Bank and a penchant for conducting small talk in a vernacular best described as technocratese (think phrases like “consultative processes” and “cooperative frameworks”). The winners here are populists who cut deals with their enemies, win support from their rivals and appeal to Afghan national pride — a reality that Mr. Ghani appears to have finally embraced after years of inhabiting the role of pro-Western intellectual.

Especially when addressing his fellow ethnic Pashtuns, Mr. Ghani, a former finance minister, has leavened his usual talk of detailed economic plans with statements about Afghans’ will to resist all who seek to oppress them, from Pakistan to the Taliban to the United States.

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U.S. defending the indefensible in Iraq

“Maliki cannot allow American troops to stay on. Iran has made very clear to Maliki that its number one demand is that there be no American troops remaining in Iraq. And Maliki owes them.”

This Iraqi politician reminded me that Maliki had spent more than two decades in exile, most of it in Tehran and Damascus and his party had been funded by Iran for most of its existence.

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