Mongoose: End NSA (Yes) & CIA (No)

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For some time now the US secret intelligence community has been pathologically deficient and in constant betrayal of the public trust. This has been in part because the political system in place is corrupt to the bone and uses the intelligence system to spend money and garner 5% kick-backs as well as insider trading advantage. As calls rise for the trashing of the entire US secret intelligence community, we would observe that earnest loyal dissidents who have been ignored for a quarter century have thought all of this through and are still being ignored by the public as well as the corrupt press, the corrupt think tanks, and the corrupt bureaucracy. There will come a point when the White House realizes that the one thing that can calm the nation is intelligence with integrity. When that point comes, the various reformers represented here at Phi Beta Iota will be ready to serve the public interest.

Bruce Schneier
Bruce Schneier

How to Save the Net: Break Up the NSA

By treating the Internet as a giant surveillance platform, the NSA has betrayed the Internet and the world. It has subverted the products, protocols, and standards that we use to protect ourselves. It has left us all vulnerable—to foreign governments, to cybercriminals, to hackers. And it has transformed the Internet into a medium that no one can trust. . . . Breaking up the NSA would ensure that security trumps surveillance, and openness trumps secrecy. It's how we regain the trust we've lost.

Michael S. Kearns
Michael S. Kearns

Obama on Torture: After Ban, Does His Opinion Matter?

“We tortured some folks” after 9/11, President Barack Obama told reporters during an August 1 news conference. “We did some things that were contrary to our values.”

Robert L. Grenier — who served as director of the CIA Counter-Terorrism Center from 2004 to 2006 [has said]“if even a substantial portion of this were true, I would be among the first to advise that CIA be razed to the ground and begun all over again.”

Phi Beta Iota: Intelligence with integrity is not rocket science — it merely requires the combination of professional knowledge with integrity. That combination has been absent from the senior ranks since at least 1994 if not far prior.

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