Berto Jongman: General Allen Calls for War — Was Foley Executed with White House Approval Precisely to Justify War?

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Being read in Europe.

Gen. Allen: Destroy the Islamic State Now

The brutal murder of the brave American journalist James Foley is meant to directly terrorize the world’s media, the international community, and the United States. If all the actions of the Islamic State, or IS, to date weren’t sufficiently reprehensible, this act and the potential for other similar acts will snap American attention with laser-like focus onto the real danger IS poses to the existence of Iraq, the order of the region and to the homelands of Europe and America.

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Robert Steele
Robert Steele

ROBERT STEELE: General Allen has been ill-informed his whole life, in part because of the failure of US intelligence and the lack of integrity across the intelligence-policy divide. I was reading the other day about Michael Scheuer concluding that Bin Laden’s early manifesto sounded like Thomas Jefferson. As I myself have spent a lifetime examining the preconditions and precipitants for revolution, concluding that the US Government has for the past 50 years been the leading source of global waste, unilateral militarism, predatory capitalism, and virtual colonialism — consorting with 42 of 44 dictators and bribing elites across the Southern Hemisphere to betray their own publics, it is a simple matter for me to conclude that a) General Allen has no clue and b) there is a very high propability that the public execution of a US citizen journalist had the tacit consent if not the explicit direction for rogue elements of the US Government, and was carried out at the direct order of Saudi Arabia, the Sunni terrorist government, precisely to get the USA to do to Assad what the Iranians got Cheney to do to Saddam Hussein. The idiocy — and the lack of integrity — of the US Government cannot be under-stated. IMHO.

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Chuck Spinney
Chuck Spinney

This is a very important report, IMO.  Compare Cockburn’s analysis to the looney assertions and ‘gotcha’ games driving the domestic political debate in Washington (and in the mainstream media and on TV), and ask yourself: If some adult supervision does not materialize out of thin air, where will this insanity end?

The Underrated Saudi Connection

Why Washington’s War on Terror Failed


Counterpunch, AUGUST 21, 2014


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