Robert Young Pelton: Foreign Policy Gets It Wrong on Afghanistan — PBI: Funded Disinformation?

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Robert Young Pelton
Robert Young Pelton

There is a need to establish a truthful narrative, background and facts. Below is antithetical to all that.

Fraud and Folly in Afghanistan

The  runoff round of the Afghan presidential election on June 14 was massively rigged, and the ensuing election audit was “unsatisfactory,” a result of Afghan government-orchestrated fraud on a scale exceeding two million fake votes, completely subverting the will of the Afghan people. That is the watered-down conclusion of the press release of the European Union's yet-to-be-released report detailing its thorough and non-partisan investigation of the entire Afghan election. The report was completed last week, according to sources in Kabul who have seen it, but political pressure has so far resulted in heavy redaction and kept it from public release.

The key point is this: Ashraf Ghani did not win the election. The U.S. Center for Naval Analysis (CNA) concluded in July that it was mathematically impossible for Ghani to win, given Afghan demographics and the initial 46 percent to 32 percent first-round vote spread, according to sources familiar with the analysis. According to sources who reviewed the private report, the top experts in statistical analysis in the United States used every known computer model of election balloting and concluded that a Ghani victory was scientifically impossible. In simple terms, there is no mathematical doubt that Abdullah Abdullah won.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Foreign Policy has published absolute garbage in this instance, probably funded (and perhaps even drafted by) by Department of State elements out of touch with reality. Abdullah is 100% Tajik and the front man for the Panjshiri criminal network. He lost 45 to 55. For the truth, including polls by Andrew Garfield, field reporting by Robert Young Pelton, and direct experience from Robert Steele's time as an analyst for Special Operations in Afghanistan, see below. The DEMAND by the USA that Afghanistan violate its own Constitution and “deal” a mobster into every key position is reprehensible and amounts to regime change and blackmail. John Kerry, who gave up his integrity over Iran Contra, is totally in the wrong here, and we are collectively ashamed of his misbehavior. Our government lacks intelligence and integrity in this matter. Foreign Policy lacks intelligence and integrity.  Thus dies the Republic.

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