SchwartzReport: Human Extinction Impact — First Time Data Integration Plus Sense of Diversity Loss to Speed of New Species Extinctions

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

Another unhappy trend. We need a major paradigm change. One that recognizes that we live embedded in the Earth in a vast matrix of life, all of which is interdependent and interconnected. When one part of it is stressed all life suffers.

6th Mass Extinction? Humans Kill Species Faster Than They're Created
STEPHANIE PAPPAS, Contributing Writer – Live Science

Humans are killing off species thousands of times faster than nature creates them, new research finds.

The modern rate of extinction across species is 1,000 times that of the background rate before humans began altering the globe and thousands of times faster than the creation of new species, according to a new study in the journal Conservation Biology. The findings echo and expand on previous research published in the journal Science, which also suggested that humans are on the verge of causing a sixth mass extinction on Earth.

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Using molecular phylogenies – family trees created by a comparison of DNA among species – the researchers tracked how species are born and die over time. This is the first time the three sources of information, from fossils to diversification to molecular phylogenies, have been tied together, Pimm said.

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