OSE Translator – Spanish – Franco Vergara

Franco Vergara
Franco Vergara

Franco Vergara is an ambitious, passionate individual, always in search of new challenges. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he currently resides and works as a computer security analyst at an important bank in the city. Music and IT are two passions he has had since childhood, and that he daily strives to improve because of their vital importance to his life and sense of purpose. On his musical side, he is a guitarist and drummer, and, with a true passion for his craft, he is always in search of the “perfect sound,” whose definition is heavily influenced by heavy metal and 90’s rock. His IT affinity was a self-taught effort that began when he encountered a computer for the first time, a Commodore 128, upon which he modified (among other things) the presentation of computer games using their very source code. He graduated as a systems analyst in IT and has a degree in IT from the Institute of Higher Technical Education and Blais Pascal University, respectively. In 2009, he traveled to Cambridge, England to take a course to improve his English and, for many years, devoted many hours of his life to another of his passions: custom motorcycles. He is the proud owner of a completely custom motorcycle and is actively involved in motorcycle clubs and forums, in addition to taking excursions, both short and lengthy, along Argentine routes.

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