Worth a Look: PediaCities

Advanced Cyber/IO, Data, Geospatial

logo pediacitiesPedia Cities Core Value: Data Wrangling in Geospatial Context

We offer three types of data wrangling services: data cleaning, data enrichment, and data gathering. Our team will work with you to evaluate your data needs and develop a package of services to maximize the usefulness of your data.

Phi Beta Iota: These people impress us. CKAN and DKAN are part of their construct. A lot of this is what was offered to CIA's Artificial Intelligence Staff in the Office of Information Technology in 1985 (putting all existing databases into geospatial visualization format) but CIA was not ready to think deeply or comprehensively. We sense a huge emergence and convergence in progress and NYC — Brooklyn in particular — appears to be ground zero for practical innovation (San Francisco has its own genius, such as manifest in Shareable).

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