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Robert Steele
Robert Steele

This is the original series created in 2004 for the Military Intelligence Academy in Italy, where Carol Dumaine then on active duty with CIA also offered two excellent lectures rooted in her Global Futures Partnership concept. I sense that the tide is turning — there is now a willingness among some policy makers and select senior professionals to reconsider their premises and their processes. In 1995 Bob Gates spoke immediately after me at a French national conference. After my remarks he strode up to the podium, sniffed, and said “I'm not going to touch that.” Today Bob Gates sounds like me — I find that both troubling and interesting. If ever America needed intelligence with integrity, now is that time.


001 Failure Seminar
002 New Rules Seminar
003 Collection Seminar
004 Processing Seminar
005 Analysis Seminar
006 OSINT & Strategic Generalizations
007 InfoPeace & Future of Intelligence

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