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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

ere in one article are what I consider to be the dispositive trends shaping America. The only way this is going to change is if we can get people to vote, and to vote based on facts not fear — which of course is why the Right is hysterical about Ebola. Research shows that when people are afraid they tend to become more conservative and to vote for the right.

7 facts that show the American dream is dead

A living wage, retirement security and a life free of debt are now only accessible to the country’s wealthiest


1. Most people can’t get ahead financially.
2. The stay-at-home parent is a thing of the past.
3. The rich are more debt-free. Others have no choice.
4. Student debt is crushing a generation of non-wealthy Americans.
5. Vacations aren’t for the likes of you anymore.
6. Even with health insurance, medical care is increasingly unaffordable for most people.
7. Americans can no longer look forward to a secure retirement.

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Phi Beta Iota: Salon misses the whole point. The above seven facts are symptoms. The real root cause of the American implosion can be found in the loss of integrity among all eight “tribes” that comprise the totality of society: academia, civil society (including labor unions and religions), commerce, government, law enforcement, media, military, and non-government/non-profit. The US is owned and mis-managed by banks who have successfully corrupted all three branches of the federal government to the point that it can fairly be said that the US Government is in enemy hands — no one serving at the top is seriously interested in the US Constitution or addressing the public interest. All alleged “gains” are false — unemployment is close to 22.4%, every dollar and every drop of blood shed on elective wars have been rooted in lies and a betrayal of the public trust, and so on. Absent Electoral Reform, and the restoration of intelligence with integrity to all eight of these “tribes,” the USA will continue its descent toward a violent revolution that will further destroy the commonwealth now being exploited by an absentee government on behalf of absentee landlords.

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