Ted Schulman: Open Faith

Cultural Intelligence
Ted Schulman
Ted Schulman

I’ve been discussing the concept of Open Faith and have been getting very positive responses – its of our time, its an extension of the information age, based in Open Source Culture and For the first time in the history of the world – All the world’s spiritual traditions are available to us.Some possible guiding principles (wording, phrasing to be developed):

Transcend and Include Alignment of: Spirituality, Science, Philosophy, and Culture
The Golden Rule
Harmony with nature
Integral framework: all quadrants
Community of Practice
Local Resilient Community
Holonic framework: complexity and unity
All is mind – consciousness is primary
Deep Evolution: holonic evolution of universe
Development of the whole person
Sacred Activism

Some references:

jason silva @ ted 2012 on Radical Openness

Ken Wilber: Are We Approaching an Integral Cultural Renaissance?

Please share your concepts and ideas how to develop this further.