Chris Hedges: Time for Professional Revolutionaries

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Chris Hedges
Chris Hedges

Why We Need Professional Revolutionists


There is nothing rational about rebellion. To rebel against insurmountable odds is an act of faith. And without this faith the rebel is doomed. This faith is intrinsic to the rebel the way caution and prudence are intrinsic to those who seek to fit into existing power structures. The rebel, possessed by inner demons and angels, is driven by visions familiar to religious mystics. And it is the rebel alone who can save us from corporate tyranny. I do not know if these rebels will succeed. But I do know that a world without them is hopeless.

In the last section of my recent eight-part interview on the website The Real News with professor Sheldon Wolin, the author of “Politics and Vision” and “Democracy Incorporated,” I asked him whether it was time to begin to consider revolution.

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Phi Beta Iota: We are long past due a non-violent revolution and a general strike in the USA, one focused on Electoral Reform as the capital demand — and not the theatrical reform of getting money out of politics or allowing a semblance of ballot access, but the whole enchilada — an ecology of Electoral Reform, all eleven point. 2015 is most certainly the year in which this is possible.

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