Stephen E. Arnold: Open Source Search Emergent, Proprietary Search on Death Row

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Enterprise Search: Fee Versus Free

I read a pretty darned amazing article “Is Free Enterprise Search a Game Changer?” My initial reaction was, “Didn’t the game change with the failures of flagship enterprise search systems?” And “Didn’t the cost and complexity of many enterprise search deployments fuel the emergence of the free and open source information retrieval systems?”

Many proprietary vendors are struggling to generate sustainable revenues and pay back increasingly impatient stakeholders. The reality is that the proprietary enterprise search “survivors” fear meeting the fate of  Convera, Delphes, Entopia, Perfect Search, Siderean Software, TREX, and other proprietary vendors. These outfits went away.

Read full exquisitely detailed death notice.

Phi Beta Iota: Organizations — whether in government or in the private sector — don’t do serious functional requirements documents anymore, have no grasp of what is out there, and fear the open source alternative that is affordable, interoperable, and scalable.

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