Mini-Me: State of USG IO Thinking

IO Impotency
Who, Mini-Me?
Who, Mini-Me?

U_8th Annual SMA Conference 2014 Final-1
Panel 2, Damron–Big_Data_Open_Source_EUCOM
Panel 5, IARPA OSI brief Oct 2014
Panel 5, Neuro Big Data GIORDANO final OCT 2014
Final Survey Results
The Other Stuff (Less Noteworthy)

Phi Beta Iota: Kudos to the staff for top-notch dissemination less the geo-guy who needs to learn how to save dense briefs as all jpegs, and then create a lite version. What stuns us is how little everyone has learned in 25 years. Admiral Rogers gets high marks for candor — the tools and the understanding are simply not there (1.25 trillion dollars after Winn Schwartau and Robert Steele, among many others, laid it all on the table).

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