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Chris Wagner
Chris Wagner

Future Directions and Open Everything (draft)

Micro and Macro

Human culture is a reflection of the human body

  • A set of senses and muscles (culturally so many sensors and effectors )
  • Nourishment and waste in opposite directions in the bloodstream (freeways)
  • A brain of many cells connected via a nervous system (a culture of many brains connected via the internet)
  • A body has a micro-biome, survival by interaction with other life (a culture has a biosphere)
  • Ethics – support all parts of the body (culturally support all people)
  • Recursion at multiple levels

Keys to Body (Culture)

  • Integration of parts
  • Redundancy at all levels
  • Sensory data on multiple channels
  • Aggregation of sensory data into intelligent patterns
  • Ethical Goal hierarchy
  • Intelligent selection of actions to meet goals
  • Decoding of actions into multiple parallel effector trajectories

1. Integration of parts

  • Common access to the nervous system
  • Required service
  • Equal access to opportunity to serve at appropriate levels (and be rewarded)

2. Redundancy at all levels

  • Redundant sensors – multiple views of the same reality
  • Redundant effectors – if some fail, others will respond
  • Redundant intelligent – different and divergent searches for patterns in our reality

3. Sources of sensory data

  • Reading non-human sensors around the globe
  • Reading databases maintained by others
  • Reading human sensors, updates by individual people on their cell phones

Issues for sensory data

  • Freshness of data
  • Validity of data
  • Attacks upon data sources
  • Corruption of data
  • Impersonation of data

4. Methods of Aggregation of Sensory Data into Intelligent Patterns

  • Computer algorithms
  • Human judgment
  • Judgment of other life forms (e.g., another life form thrives or withers)

Issues for Aggregation of Sensory Data into Intelligent Patterns

  • Some people may have a better computer algorithm hence better intelligence and an advantage – so we need open source INTELLIGENCE, not just open source DATA
  • Some people may have better judgment hence better intelligence and an advantage…
  • Are some people stupid? Bigoted? Uncaring? Evil? What of their judgments?

5. Ethical Goal Hierarchy

  • Explicit goal to serve all aspects of the culture, every part of the biosphere
  • Able to manage multiple competing goals across multiple domains
  • As reality changes, monitor all goals and reconsider based on feedback and goal failure
  • Assist goal decomposition. Recognize the time bound nature of goals.

6. Intelligent selection of actions to meet goals

  • Goals can be met by multiple competing sets of actions. Action sets have expected efficacies, expected resource costs, expected durations, expected results.

7. Decoding of actions into multiple parallel effector trajectories

  • With an action set selected, actions are carried out to fulfill the goal. Action failure must feed back to goal and action selection.


1. Defining standards for interoperability

Create an interface for the global enterprise – setting goals, defining decisions, looking at patterns, making choices, learning from history

2. Managing redundancy

How does roll-over happen in failure

3. Managing information sources

Registering information sources

Validating information sources

4. Managing intelligence

Registration and access to algorithms / human experts

Evaluation of intelligence performance

Changes based on experience

5. Managing the ethical goal hierarchy

Choosing, prioritizing, and parallelizing goals

Monitor goal completion, recovery from goal failure

6. Managing the selection of actions to achieve goals

Choosing one set of actions over another set in order to achieve the goals

7. Managing the decoding of actions via delegation into lower, parallel levels

Everyone with equal opportunity

Dr. Chris Wagner
Using Higher Consciousness and Advanced Computing for Divine Purpose
Industrial and Systems Engineering, Oakland University (
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