Michel Bauwens: Top Ten P2P Trends of 2014

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Michel Bauwens
Michel Bauwens

Top Ten P2P Trends of 2014

1. Reaching of the tipping point for (distributed) renewable energy
2. The rise of open cooperatives and ethical enterpreneurial coalitions
3. The emergence of cryptoledger applications and a crypto-currency for the commons
4. Cities and Countries of the Commons

5. The rise of anti-austerity forces in Spain and Greece
6. The netarchical capture of the sharing economy
7. The emergence of Collaborative Places as strong vectors of p2p-driven cultural change
8. Cultural markers of the shift to a collaborative economy: Piketty, Rifkin and the Pope
9. The maturation of open value accounting and insurrectionary finance
10. The rise of p2p solidarity practices and Commonfare

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Phi Beta Iota: From distributed renewable energy it is a small step to “free” energy, which in turn provided unlimited desalinated water for hydroponic agriculture (code for death to Monsanto and pesticides). Also significant in the above the maturation of open value accounting. Not yet evolving at a discernible or satisfactory rate are information technology tools for public intelligence and mobilization, or alternatives to the mobilization protocols centered on inevitably corrupt political dictatorships and duopolies that block all others from access to political and thus economic and social power. Two emergent terms or Open Cooperatism and Fusion Economics.

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