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Roberto David Steele Vivas
Roberto David Steele Vivas

Robert Steele: UNASUR – The Revolution Begins

The headquarters of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) is now complete and being inaugurated in Quito, Ecuador on 5 and 6 December 2014.

I was just in Ecuador, delivering a briefing on the importance of civil-military relations in professionalizing intelligence. That briefing is available free online in both Spanish and English. It was featured on the front page of Ecuadorean intelligence web site, which for me represented all that is right with Ecuador and all that is wrong with the USA — my ideas, nine books, two Senators, and a Congressman later, have NEVER been accepted by the $100 billion a year US Intelligence Community — indeed, they call me “Open Sores.” (Alvin Toffler, in the chapter on “The Future of the Spy“, more kindly refers to me as “the rival store.”)

Below I provide a very short assessment of what I believe is going to emerge from UNASUR, and three ideas that I have proposed to UNASUR directly and also indirectly via the Government of Ecuador.

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01 UNASUR may lead to CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) as proposed by Cuba and Venezuela — the Organization of American States (OAS) is dead, as is the Inter-American Defense Board (IADB). The region is going fully independent against virtual colonialism, unilateral militarism, and predatory capitalism.

02 The focus is on peace, prosperity, and social need — led by Ecuador and Bolivia, with potential from Brazil, Cuba, and perhaps Venezuela and Uruguay, the twelve countries of UNASUR are coming together with ethical evidence-based decision-support to protect regional sovereignty, create a regional culture of friendly prosperous citizenry, and begin unified counterintelligence operations against foreign predators. [Mexico and Panama are accredited observers, I expect Cuba will be accredited as an observer in 2015.]

03 There is still a fear of the word “intelligence” among the leaders and their bureaucrats — Ecuador is the most advanced in terms of redefining intelligence in the public interest, focused on useful public information for Bien Estar, instead of spies and secrecy in defense of state corruption. Education of the other leaders of UNASUR needs to be a priority.

04 The revolution has begun, and its headquarters is now open for business in Quito.

Now for three ideas that I proposed while visiting Ecuador as an invited speaker, ideas that have subsequently made their way to the senior staff at UNASUR:

01 UNASUR Multinational Intelligence Centre and Network. Ecuador as host, could offer a team of ten military intelligence-communications specialists (one major, three captains, three sergeants, three soldiers, one chief and sub-teams of three people working 8 hours each) and a team of six analysts from the Secretariat of Intelligence in Ecuador, all to manage requirements definition, collection planning, and coordination of multi-regional analysis. This cadre would be augmented by the other members of UNASUR providing one at first, then two and finally three people for assignments of no less than three years (staggered for continuity purposes) . The ​​purpose of this unit is to help standardize open data and open tools to enable UNASUR to create strategic intelligence in the public interest, while making possible regional average intelligence and counterintelligence at the presidential level against foreign powers actively subverting regional interests and national sovereignty. It would also harmonize a broad hybrid governance initiative to create a distributed open (but secure) database and a shared open source toolkit able to satisfy the eighteen analytic functionalities that the US CIA still does not have 25 years after Diane Webb and others identified these needs. Among the highest priorities of this multinational unit could be the rapid evaluation of technologies available for free clean energy — energy creation, energy storage, and energy substitution or conservation.

See for example: Professor Carolina Sancho Hirane ” Cooperation in Intelligence and UNASUR Possibilities and Limitations

02 Virtual University of South America. Every year there could be a class or course of UNASUR, the Bolivarianos (similar to the Rhodes scholarship, but in a virtual university dedicated to advancing the sovereignty and prosperity of South America), consisting of one person from each of the eight tribes (academic, business, government, police, media, military, and civilian nonprofit) passing a month in studios and workshops focused on each of the countries of UNASUR (twelve-month course ) developing new ideas and applications for the advancement of education, intelligence, and research. Each country could also have internal programs that integrate 1-3 people in each of their own eight tribes of information, with the best person in tribe advancing the honor of being a Bolivarian in the subsequent year.

See for example: AAINTELLIGENCIA Marzo de 2013 – Sanando una las Américas con Una Agencia de Fuente Abiertas

03 Integration of Iberoamerican Education, Intelligence, & Research. The future of public sovereignty and prosperity lies in creating a new form of hybrid government that respects indigenous wisdom, that integrates knowledge of the eight tribes, and that is oriented towards the future This means that education. , intelligence and research should be harmonized so that we may harvest the collective intelligence of all. We must integrate holistic analysis, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering.

See for example: 2010 M4IS2 Reunión informativa para América del Sur – 2010 M4IS2 Presentacion Por Sur América (ANEPE Chile)

In my view, UNASUR (and CELAC) represent the rapidly-accelerating trend  of regions toward de-Americanization (out with the USA and its NSA-compromized communications and computing offerings, out with the banks and the secret trade agreements that have destroyed what was once — and could be again — paradise).

The opposite but complementary trend is that of localization and secession. I fully expect Hawaii to see its sovereignty restored within a decade, and perhaps Vermont and Alaska also re-established as independent republics (Verment was once, Alaska was not). Anyone obsessed with the need to keep 50 stars on the US flag can divide California in three and if necessary, Florida in two. The times, they are a'changing.

What is different today — what did not exist in the 1960's when US citizens and others rebelled against what Chalmers Johnson has called “the sorrows of empire,” is the mix of hand-held cell phones capable of taking photographs; the Internet as a mobilization network; and the astonishingly rapid growth of public consciousness among the five billion poor as “virtual” education explodes through hand-held devices and weak but significant access to the Internet. The legitimate grievances of both US and international citizens against the predations of Wall Street (and good-hearted military forces and CIA drone assassination teams obeying illegal orders), are manifest.

Absentee governments, like absentee landlords, are “toast” in the 21st Century. This is not something the US Government understands. It is something that UNASUR clearly understands. The revolution has begun, and it speaks Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Dutch (Suriname), and English (Guyana).

This external revolution will be complemented eventually by a revolution within the USA, where most of the preconditions of revolution are in full-bloom. Lacking is the precipitant — our Tunesian fruit-seller. An alternative to a violent revolution in the USA, one I favor and the reason I ran briefly for president, is a full-scale non-violent general strike demanding Electoral Reform in time for 2016. I pray that the US Constitution might be restored one day, and that America the Beautiful can again be a shared dream that is globally respected.

Learn more (in Spanish):

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Semper Fidelis,

Robert David STEELE Vivas

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