Anthony Judge: Memetic Analogue to the 20 Amino Acids as Vital to Psycho-Social Life? #37 As Indicative of Fruitful Pathways of Transformation?

Cultural Intelligence
Anthony Judge
Anthony Judge

Memetic Analogue to the 20 Amino Acids as vital to Psychosocial Life?

Number 37 as indicative of fruitful pathways of transformation?

Identifying 20 “amino acids” of a memetic code potentially vital to psychosocial life?
Global strategic significance of 20-fold configurations
Indicative examples of the recognized significance of 20-fold patterning
Potentially indicative patterns of prime numbers associated with polyhedra
In quest of number 37 through the pattern of spherical polyhedra
Polyhedral meta-patterns of relationships?
Pathway “route maps” of potential psychosocial transformation?
Requirement for emirps and enantiodromia in navigating songlines
Dependence of psychosocial life on meta-reflection and meta-cognition?
Requisite variety of “voices” for psychosocial wholth: 6, 8, 12, 20, 30?
Sphere packing as a clue to “voice hearing” and “voice touching”

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