Mini-Me: China & Russia Rising, USA Collapsing

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Who?  Mini-Me?
Who? Mini-Me?

Of concern.

2015: A Pivotal Year for Economic and Financial Crises and Wars?

Phi Beta Iota: The US Government is the war-monger and making decisions on the basis of corruption and ideology. China is the richest country in the world, has more gold than any other (Russia is second), and China has no reason to provoke war with anyone; the US dollar is about to crash, taking Wall Street with it, and has little gold to supplement a new currency. As a consequence, China is very serious and determined to have peace. It has no navy to speak of, it’s army is dedicated to internal security,and its industry would be badly damaged if there was a war. China is converting its hoard of dollars (and dollar debt) into Euros and other currencies, and in all probability will make the Yuan the common currency of Asia soon, and the world eventually. At root, how a government provides for its public determines whether that government is sustainable or not.

In the past 50 years, China has turned itself from a famine-ridden communist state ruled by Mao, into a prosperous, thriving, mega-state concentrating on prosperity in the form of high tech industry, and diversification of its industry to rural areas.  It’s had its ups and down, but generally up, and up some more.  It is now the world’s most prosperous country, exceeding the USA. China is building a highway to Pakistan, a bullet train to Burma’s Indian Ocean, building a new huge shipping canal across Nicaragua, aiding African countries, and is negotiating with Tibet to permit semi-statehood. Western media portrays China as an evil and aggressive state, suggesting that China engineered the hacking of Sony as a favour to North Korea. This is characteristic of  Western media, whose news readers only read what they are given by their producers. The readers have little idea what it is they are reading. The motive is to create fear, and the fear is directed at Russia and China. If  Nato continues to provoke Russia over Ukraine, the European Union will suffer the loss of its primary source of energy. If America provokes China, it would  be tantamount to suicide. The military-industrial complex — and the banks behind that complex — are at the root of America’s lack of intelligence with integrity.

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