Patrick Dunleavy: Academic Blogging Helps Research

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Patrick Dunleavy
Patrick Dunleavy

Academic blogging gets your work and research out to a potentially massive audience at very, very low cost and relative amount of effort. 

Shorter, better, faster, free: Blogging changes the nature of academic research, not just how it is communicated

Phi Beta Iota: Three advances are needed, neither of which is being contemplated at a scalable level: the integratable wikis with integrity; Doug Englelbart's Open Hypertextdocument System (OHS) enabling paragraph-level linkages; and citation analytics along with reliable preservation of substantive blogs — not only do we lack the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) equivalents for blogs, but too many blogs die too quickly, lack persistent URLs, formating, pagination, dating, and editorial value-added curation. So there is much work to be done. As the academic publication model collapses for lack of integrity and honest pricing, the blog model and open access are emergent, but both are very immature. The end game in our view is end-user control of their own data in their own devices such that they have the incentive to embrace a distributed data model that provides coherence across the whole, but the ultimate responsibility for maintaining citation analytic records — and the original content — lies with the author.

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