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Patrick Meier
Patrick Meier

In January 2014, I wrote this blog post announcing my intention to write a book on Digital Humanitarians. Well, it's done! And launches this week. The book has already been endorsed by scholars at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, etc; by practitioners at the United Nations, World Bank, Red Cross, USAID, DfID, etc; and by others including Twitter and National Geographic. These and many more endorsements are available here. Brief summaries of each book chapter are available here; and the short video below provides an excellent overview of the topics covered in the book.

Amazon Page
Amazon Page

Together, these overviews make it clear that this book is directly relevant to many other fields including journalism, human rights, activism, business management, computing, ethics, social science, data science, etc. In short, the lessons that digital humanitarians have learned (often the hard way) over the years and the important insights they have gained are directly applicable to fields well beyond the humanitarian space. To this end, Digital Humanitarians is written in a “narrative and conversational style” rather than with dense, technical language. The story of digital humanitarians is a multifaceted one. Read more.

Phi Beta Iota: We consider CrisisMappers and its unique ability to combine open source geospatial plotting with a vast diaspora of both trained volunteers and ad hoc diaspora observers and translators, to be “root” for the future World Brain. We are in the process of defining a new open source everything analysis tool-kit and distributed database — and seeking funding for same — that will finally unleash the potential of the five billion plus human brains that are now “on ice” with malice aforethought by the 1%.

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