Reference: $499 Saves Millions — Stephen E. Arnold CyberOSINT Survey of Next Generation Information Access (NGIA) – Foreword by Robert Steele

Advanced Cyber/IO, IO Impotency
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An Arnold IT CORE Report for Law Enforcement, Security and Intelligence Professionals and Organizations

This monograph has a single goal: Provide a Contracting Officer (CO) or Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) — or the end-user engaged in investigatory work, military operations, and intelligence activities — with a collection of technology capability summaries about companies building next-generation tools…critical insights that could save millions in mis-placed capitalization.

“CyberOSINT is the first discussion of the innovative software that makes sense of the flood of open source digital information. Law enforcement, security, and intelligence professionals will find this an invaluable resource to identify automated ways to deal with Big Data.”

– Dr. Jerry Lucas, President, Telestrategies ISS

Table of Contents with topics covered and companies profiled below the line along with full-text of the Foreword by Robert Steele and Preface by Stephen Arnold.

CyberOSINT Table of Contents

CyberOSINT Foreword

CyberOSINT Preface

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