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Internet Communication Company Launches Groundbreaking Language Translation Software

Real-time, $39 a month, Basque and Bengali to another 78 languages.

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NEW YORK, February 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

London Tech City company UDC announced its world wide release of Realtid Translation Service. This is a groundbreaking software that allows the user to translate in real time. It's the most convenient and efficient way to manage your translation needs. This brings users to the next level of language translation.

Business consumers have been looking for an easy and more affordable way to bridge the language barrier that is more accessible to all sized businesses but without the limitations of the common brands out there. We feel we've hit it.”  Ed BALDE, Founder of Realtid

Performance and Affordability:

Realtid is a SaaS platform which means it's a “Software as a Service” product. It was made to reach businesses across a wide economic spectrum. You can try Realtid free and the premium cost is at an accessible price at $39 (£19 / €29) per month. This enables you to conduct business in real-time in 80 different languages. One of its most attractive features is that it speaks to any business that serves international clientele in the way of marked savings on a translator. The program is available with three complete price points suitable for a variety of language translation solutions. The basic is the $39 per month. It offers the business 2 users with a 10% saving on a year commitment if you choose. You get the added bonus of a free upgrade should you decide midway that this works great for you as well as free support.

The pro package is only $49 per month with the same free upgrade and support with 5 users and two separate chat rooms. This package allows a white label feature for a more professional image and an easy to use dashboard for seamless management.

The Expert level package is $99 per month with all the bells and whistles of the aforementioned packages. You're allowed 15 users and 5 separate chat rooms at your disposal.

Features and Benefits:

Your Own United Nations

We compared Realtid to the common platforms on several points. Realtid thought out the entire process of language translation. They take care of the challenges you meet when you deal with high volume international clientele. Realtid allows you to speak to several clients in a chat-room in real time while translating each individual language. It's like having your own little United Nations. It takes the wind out of the stress of sending international communications. When you send a communication it will translate into their language and when they answer, it does the same. It's this way; there are no communication issues and embarrassment. This saves a lot of money and time cleaning up misunderstanding and possible cultural offenses.

Not Just A Business Solution:

Realtid is a multi-platform international translation software. It can be used by a family who communicates with relatives internationally. It's very user friendly and intuitive enough to be functional in a broad spectrum of dynamics.

This company seems to have hit on the main issues that have been found across all international language communication platforms.

Language Diversity:

It's an impressive list you'll find on their site when it comes to language translation. If you're at all acquainted with not only international business trends but immigration trends, they seem to have nailed the demographics then they put this together. This isn't just English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French and German. This is Basque to Bengali.

Easy User Friendly Chat Rooms: These chat rooms aren't like the old-school tedious and small chat rooms with everyone talking over everyone else in a tiny space. In different languages, that would be completely inefficient. In Realtid all you do is log in with your secure credentials and voila, you're in the chat room. You then send an invitation through Realtid via email and once everyone shows up and is ready to go you tell Realtid what language you need to use.

API Recovery:

The makers of Realtid anticipate the obvious. No matter how cutting edge an API service is, it's bound to have a translation failure at some point. Because they have such a diverse dynamic of languages, dialects can sometimes get in the way. With select plans, this company will provide a team of live translators should a translation incident arise. This gives you the added security of good form and image to your client.

There is an enormous amount of money that's spent on translation in the age of international business and trade. One wrong word and a miscommunication could mean anything from a lost client to a lawsuit. These programs are of great value to the business world. The bottom line is constantly under fire for mistakes made which result in lost clients, product and, worse yet, in reputation.

Realtid thought of those things with their groundbreaking software.

“We researched every brand and discovered what to add to our software which makes us the ‘purple cow' in the translation software industry. It's our ability to solve the translation problems of business owners and average people across the globe. We do it differently. We targeted the most important issues like wrong translations by providing live translators in addition to the API platform. We tackled the value for money issue by making accessible price points with packages that can suit everyone, wherever you are, on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. And the languages we chose were not random. They were broken out logically with very specific research as to what our target audience was actually using these programs for and where. We didn't spend the money on impractical bells and whistles; we spent it where it counts.” Ed BALDE, Founder of Realtid

Realtid's Future Plans:

If you don't see the language that you want to use, it may not be long before you do. Realtid is a young and strong company that is still in the midst of finding new translations and translators to join their system. Watch out for your updates.

Realtid's websites :,,

Public Relations Officer : Jairo Lopez

Contact information : / +44-7948504642


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