Mongoose: UNASUR to Investigate US Destabilization Campaigns Against Venezuela

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UNASUR Committee to Examine US Destabilization Efforts

The head of the regional bloc  announced the special committee will meet Monday to examine U.S. intervention in Venezuela. 

The Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) Ernesto Samper announced that a special a committee will convene next Monday in Montevideo, Uruguay to discuss U.S. destabilization efforts in Venezuela.

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Phi Beta Iota: The Committee will make the classic mistake of focusing only on US Government destabilization efforts, which are ham-fisted and generally just a cover for much more complex and deliberate actions by the network of US corporations (especially energy corporations and the financial institutions behind them), the foundations and so-called “non-governmental organizations,” and academics as well as journalists who are paid to produce destabilizing disinformation both within the country to be destabilized, and in Europe and the USA where the publics and politicians are manipulated or positioned with the public through disinformation. The Committee will also fail to address the harsh reality that it is the economic elites of South America, and flag officers and senior executives of the government, who “sell out” their own publics. Without a robust counterintelligence program, and a process for holding traitors accountable, the US cannot be blamed for successful destabilization efforts — they would not succeed if local elites and governments were true to their own countries.

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