SchwartzReport: Net Net — Good New Rules from FCC — Bad Time Warner 97% Profit Margin

Advanced Cyber/IO, IO Impotency
Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

GOOD: This is some wonderful news. The process is still not complete but the right decision appears imminent. Tele-communications are going to be seen as public utilities, equally open to all. There is still a vote to go, so it wouldn’t hurt to write the FCC once again and tell them you support Chairman Wheeler’s draft.

The head of the FCC just proposed the strongest net neutrality rules ever

BAD: This is why FCC Chairman Wheeler’s plan is so important. Left to their own devices tele-communications companies would strip you down to you skives.

Time Warner Cable’s 97 Percent Profit Margin on High-Speed Internet Service Exposed

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