2015 Steele on Democracy Lost – “OUT OF CONTROL: Can Open (Public) Power Effect a Non-Violent Revolution?”

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Out of Control: Democracy Lost—Death of the USA—Can Open (Public) Power Effect a Non-violent Revolution?

Is the USA a democracy? Have all of the checks and balances been corrupted across academia, civil society, commerce, government, law enforcement, media, military, and non-government/nonprofit domains? What can we, should we, do to restore integrity to our electoral process, our government, our economy, our society?

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What is the substance of government and what are the legitimate grievances that US citizens have against their own government and its financial masters, and what are the legitimate grievances that citizens of other countries have against the US government and its global covert operations, mass surveillance, and military operations done at taxpayer expense without Congressional authorization? What preconditions of revolution exist in the USA today? Who are the budding revolutionaries and what might be the precipitant that leads to a violent revolution if our situation does not improve?

Can open power, the combination of electoral reform and public empowerment with open source everything—holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source engineering—effect a non-violent revolution with truth and reconciliation being our disposition, a prosperous world at peace our objective?

In conjunction with the spring long-term project The Question of Privacy.

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