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5 Star, Sailing
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Eric Weiss and Michale Jacobs

5.0 out of 5 stars BEYOND First Aid, Comprehensive It Is March 29, 2015

I've been an offshore sailor since 1988, off and on, and in all that time I have been very frustrated by a wide range of largely mediocre medical references, to the point that I created my own First Aid Afloat reference (one page per issue, description/diagnosis, treatment, photo).

Prior to this book (WARNING NOTICE: this is a small book with SMALL print), my preference has been for The Onboard Medical Guide: First Aid and Emergency Medicine Afloat, in part because it comes with large pages, large print, and lots of white space. While this is the first NEW maritime medicine reference that meets my standards, I would have preferred a larger layout with larger print. This is a cargo pocket book.

Thank having been said, yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Jacobs lecture the US Safety at Sea Seminar in Annapolis — this is the premier US Sailing event of the year — and today I had the further pleasure of an interactive session with the good doctor. I found him to not only be a superb professional, but the perfect gentleman whom I would recommend as a lecturer, mentor, and hands-on trainer.

Use Amazon's “Look Inside the Book” to review the extraordinary table of contents. Books such as Advanced First Aid Afloat, do not satisfy m; while I like the Red Cross online PDF including the color photographs, that could still do with some improvement. What wins me over completely, the small size and print aside, is the very long list of specifics (including multiple pages on fractures and multiple pages on internal injuries) along with the concluding appendices on drugs and assistance sources.

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