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richard wolff 2Class, Change and Revolution

The winds of change are blowing harder. The crisis since 2007 has renewed criticism of capitalism, but pressure for change has built far longer than that. So it is time to draw some lessons from the major social changes of the past and apply them now. One of the most important lessons concerns class. How activists see and act on today’s class system can make social movements more effective now than in the past – as a brief historical review can show.  . . .  What is possible now is a new class perspective that defines revolution in 2015 as clearly and explicitly targeted to end exploitation in any form.

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Phi Beta Iota: Richard Wolff is one fifth of the solution — Eric Liu is the first fifth, Jill Stein (as vice President in 2016, President in 2020) the third fifth, Edgar Feige the fourth, and the concept aggregated by Robert Steele from others the final integrative fifth. Revolution 3.0 looms.  Peacemakers — the potential Founding Mothers of Republic 3.0, are Jackie Salit at and Joan Blades at If Mark Zukerberg at Facebook decides to fund and adopt the open source activist tool-kit, it is Game Over — extreme democracy, a worker’s economy, and an open society.

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