Event: 3 PM Eastern Time Coffee Party Radio “Electoral Reform: What’s It Going to Take?” with Robert Steele

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Robert Steele, foremost proponent for integral electoral reform (eight specific pieces) and author of the new book on Open Power that was briefly rated #1 in Civics at Amazon, will have a one-hour conversation on Coffee Party Radio, from 3-4 pm Eastern time today, Thursday 9 April 2014. Steele, former Reform Party candidate for President whose presentation to Occupy on electoral reform to Occupy made the front page of Reddit and then went viral, will outline the eight specific reforms that must be enacted, and make the case for why an Electoral Reform Act of 2015 is within our power to demand now in 2015 — in time to elect Independent and small party candidates in 2016.   Tune In Online   .   Open Power Home Page

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