Berto Jongman: Covert War Between US and Russia? West Sidelined by Sino-Russian Entente & Expulsion from Southern Hemisphere?

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Being read, together, in Europe.

Putin Orders Millions Of Troops To High Alert After US Hypercraft “Attack”

From Greater Europe to Greater Asia? The Sino-Russian Entente

Phi Beta Iota: Special US aircraft with extraterrestrial-like technology are known to exist. US “adventurism” and covert operations against Russia are almost certain to be occurring. The electronic outage in Washington on Tuesday was probably a normal failure of the infrastructure, not a Russian attack, which would have been much more comprehensive and more likely to have been aimed at NYC — the vulnerability points that Winn Schwartau, Robert Steele, and others have been warning about since 1988-1994 have still not been fixed. What we see is the gradual sidelining of the US particularly and Europe generally and China and Russia play the long game in Central Asia, Caucasius, and the Southern Hemisphere, where the US is certain to be gradually expelled by a combination of UNASUR/CELAC, the African Union, and diverse initiatives funded by Turkey and Iran. The US Government continues to lack both intelligence with integrity; and a Whole of  Government / future-oriented sustainable approach to anything including the public interest.

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