Michael Maxsenti: End Regulation Without Representation

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Michael Maxsenti
Michael Maxsenti

Two parties feeling the pressure.

Regulation Freedom Amendment

You may be familiar with the proposed “REINS” Act proposed by some Members of Congress, which would, if enacted, require Congressional approval of major federal regulations. Of course, the chances of getting 60 Senate votes and a Presidential signature for such legislation are speculative at the current time. However, given the more skeptical attitude of many state legislators towards federal power, there is a potential strategy for empowering state legislators to force Congress to propose such a measure.

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Phi Beta Iota: This also shines a light on the need to reverse the 17th Amendment and restore the Founding Fathers intent that Senators be appointed or elected by state legislatures to represent the state, rather than being popularly elected by a fraction of the population with all of the fraud attendant now in blocked ballot access, electronic voting fraud, gerrymandering, and corporate money.

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