On the Issues: Jeb Bush versus Rand Paul

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On the Issues
On the Issues

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announces his presidential candidacy today, and if you`re interested in where Rand Paul stands on the issues, there`s only one place to go — OnTheIssues.org — our website, our new book, and our App — because the mainstream media will talk all about the horserace and the politics.

OnTheIssues.org is a non-partisan website developed to counter the mainstream media`s lack of focus on issue-based coverage. We send out periodic newsletters during election campaigns to people who subscribe on our website.

Differences & Agreements Itemized Below the Fold

Book Page
Book Page

Where do Rand Paul and Jeb Bush DIFFER on the Issues?

Rand and Jeb disagree disagree on the core libertarian-versus-populist list, which focuses on differences in domestic policy like criminal prosecution and foreign policy like the use of the armed forces:

  • Crime: Jeb supports the death penalty while Rand does not.
  • Marijuana: Jeb supports the War on Drugs while Rand does not.
  • Military: Jeb supports robust spending while Rand does not. *
  • Iran: Jeb supports intervention while Rand does not.
  • Cuba: Jeb supports the embargo while Rand does not.
  • Environment: Jeb supports EPA action while Rand does not.

Where do Rand Paul and Jeb Bush AGREE on the Issues?

Rand and Jeb agree on the core issues of the conservative economic agenda, including:

  • Tax policy: both support cutting personal income taxes.
  • Corporate policy: both support cutting corporate taxes.
  • Stimulus spending: both support markets over federal stimulus.
  • Balanced Budget: both support mandating limits on deficits.
  • School policy: both support increasing parental choice.

What about social issues? Rand and Jeb agree on several core issues of the conservative social agenda, including:

  • Abortion policy: both are pro-life.
  • Affirmative Action: both oppose quotas.
  • Separating church and state: both support God in the public sphere.

Which candidates do you match on the Issues?

Our most popular website feature is our ‘VoteMatch Quiz,’ which asks you your opinion on 20 questions and then matches you against the candidates. We include Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Hillary CLinton, some third-party candidates, and a dozen popular primary candidates as well:
http://quiz.ontheissues.org/We match your 20 answers in comparison to each of the candidates` answers, as inferred from their debates, books, speeches, voting records, and other material — all of which is linked if you want to explore further. It`s fun to see who you match up with, and why, since we provide a full social-plus-economic analysis of your answers, and a `political philosophy` label too, for comparison to the political philosophies of the contenders:

  • Rand Paul is a conservative-leaning libertarian
  • Jeb Bush is a populist-leaning conservative
  • Hillary Clinton is a hard-core liberal
  • A dozen more candidates online, and on our App ‘Pres2016’ in the iPhone AppStore!

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