SchwartzReports: Legal Truth – Filming Police

Civil Society, Ethics, Law Enforcement
Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

Robert Greenwald and Vanessa Baden are two of the most respected documentarians in the the U.S., so they know whereof they speak about filming law enforcement in action. From my perspective of course a citizen can video his police in action. When I read about this issue   I am taken back 20 years to the old Soviet Union, when filming the police could get you into real trouble. Bullies and jackboots it goes without saying do not like to be filmed. They know what they are doing is morally wrong, whatever they say publicly. And they don’t want their actions memorialized.  The fact that this is even a debated issue in the U.S.  tells you how compromised civil liberties have become. Greenwald and Baden present the case for why assess things as I do.

Keeping Truth Legal: It Is Our Right to Film Police

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