Proposed Open Source Everything Sub-Categories

#OSE Open Source Everything
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With over 1,000 pages already rostered under the Category open, we see a need to agree upon and implement a sub-categorization scheme that will help group related personalities, projects, technologies, and goals. Below is a list of proposed sub-categories offered for discussion (will post this bit to social media):

  1. Open Cloud & Spectrum
  2. Open Collaboration & Governance inclusive of Budgets, Games, & Legislation Law, Regulation, Convention inclusive, also forms of transaction including barter, money, credit, time
  3. Open Data Inclusive of Geospatial Data
  4. Open Education, Intelligence, & Research (access, sources, methods, tools)
  5. Open Energy, Water, Food, & Shelter
  6. Open Hardware inclusive of manufacturing and materials
  7. Open Health inclusive of natural cures, healthy environments, Medicine, & Pharmaceuticals
  8. Open Software inclusive of communications, computing, digital transactions, operating systems
  9. Open Space inclusive of design, cities, neighborhoods, civilizations, societies, culture, religion

Use Talk page or send email to robert.david.steele.vivas AT gmail DOT com, this is how I will be spending the next week.

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