Yoda: Public vs. Private Clouds – Amazon’s Andy Jassy (Public) vs. Red Hat’s Jim Whitehurst (Private)

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Got Crowd? BE the Force!
Got Crowd? BE the Force!

Red Hat’s CEO is dead wrong about the cloud

A dustup ensues after Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst asserts that the public cloud is ‘obscenely expensive.’ Guess who’s pushing back?


But this argument over the relative value of private and public clouds is really about the future of enterprise computing, with $3.8 trillion at stake.

Instead, the future is very clearly moving toward public clouds, with VMs growing at 20-fold rate, while private cloud VMs manage only three-times growth, according to a Gartner analysis.

Phi Beta Iota: Google, O’Reilly, Red Hat and opensource.com represent the capitalist implementation of open source. Mozilla, Linux, and many others are closer to an implementation in the public interest that is scalable and sustainable. The next three years should see massive progress toward Open Source Everything.

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