SchwartzReport: Biomimicry Extends Solar Charge to Weeks Instead of Moments

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

Yet another new breakthrough on solar. This one has huge implications.

UCLA discovers how solar cells’ charges can last for weeks

A team of UCLA chemists, for instance, have developed a way that will allow solar cells to keep their charge for weeks instead of just a few seconds like current products are capable of. According to Sarah Tolbert, UCLA chem professor and one of the study’s authors, they looked into plants’ nanoscale structures that can keep negatively charged molecules separated from positively charged ones. “That separation is the key to making the process so efficient,” she said. The team has discovered that in order to mimic those nanoscale structures in plastic solar cells (which are potentially cheaper to make than silicon-based ones), they need to use two components: a polymer donor and a nano-scale fullerene acceptor.