Anthony Judge: Papal Concern for Climate Change and Refugee Care – Cover for Concealing Criminal Systemic Negligence?

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Anthony Judge
Anthony Judge

Papal Concern for Climate Change and Refugee Care

A means of concealing criminal systemic negligence?

Summary of the world refugee crisis
Commentary on the Environment Encyclical
Systemic inadequacies of the Environment Encyclical

Phi Beta Iota: We agree. The Pope means well, but climate change is a circus, a distraction, it is not the main event. The main event is restoring public power in the public interest, and demanding honest governance that is transparent, truthful, and trustworthy. Below is the letter sent to The Most Holy Father by Robert Steele, as well as the longer letter sent to Pope Benedict, and the included references. Humanity is at a tipping point and the G7, the UN, and the Pope are all playing on the margins, not addressing the “root” issues.

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