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Robert David STEELE Vivas
Robert David STEELE Vivas

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“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

In my view, the two-party tyranny — the criminal cabal that has blocked 60% of the eligible voters in America from ballot access and meaningful participation in our national political process — a process Princeton and Jimmy Carter have both declared to be far removed from any semblance of democracy — is the enemy.

Among all the candidates now running for President, all of whom Thomas Friedman has famously and recently declared unsuitable to be President — I find ONE candidate who has the combination of money and moxie necessary to defeat the two-party tyranny and restore integrity to the electoral process of the United States of America, and hence to the government, the economy, and our society.

That candidate is — no surprise — Donald Trump.

Here is how he can do it.

Executive Summary:

  1. Sponsor the Electoral Reform Summit of 2015.
  2. Force through the Electoral Reform Act of 2015.
  3. Nominate a Coalition Cabinet and have them tour the country
  4. Publish a Balanced Budget
  5. Open BigBatUSA.org and raise $1 Billion from 100 million voters who did not vote in 2012 [I own this URL, will turn it over]
  6. Commit to eliminating the Fed and the IRS, public banking combined with the Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax whose rate is set by national ballot, not the government
  7. Commit to full employment and basic income

In Greater Detail:

01 Sponsor the Electoral Reform Summit in San Francisco in September 2015, to include a Living Room Conversation on Electoral Reform moderated by Joan Blades, founder of MoveOn.org. Below are the kinds of questions this summit could address, a proposed guest list, and eight itemized reforms developed by Occupy and many others from 2011 onwards.

  1. What is an honest government Of, By, and For We the People?
    Suggested topics: Constitution, Checks & Balances, Transparency, Responsiveness to Public
  2. Do we live in a democracy? What defines a democracy? Suggested topics: How many voters? How many voted? How many parties? How many in power?
  3. What is electoral reform? Is it just about money, or the debates?
    Suggested topics: ballot access, paper ballots publicly counted on site, instant-run off, end to gerrymandering, who should manage debates and who should participate, money, media access, transparency of legislation and prior publication for public comment.
  4. Do we have the power to restore an honest government? Suggested topics: Electoral reform, coalition cabinet, balanced budget, full employment, tax reform.
  5. What are some steps we can take in 2015 to elect an honest government in 2016? Suggested topics: Americans Elect, Facebook, MoveOn, BigBat fund-raiser, Occupy, Electoral Reform Summit
  6. What are the obstacles to a majority of the public achieving electoral reform? Suggested topics: 1% fear, two-party greed, public apathy and ignorance, the “big disconnect” among all.
  7. Do you want to restore integrity to our electoral process and government? Suggested topics: what’s it worth to you? What are you willing to do this month? This year? Can we save 2016?

Minimalist list of diverse voices to participate in the Electoral Reform Summit:

  • Anderson, Rocky (Justice)
  • Atlee, Tom (Author)
  • Barnett, Andre (Reform)
  • Baldes, Joan (MoveOn, Living Room Conversations)
  • Bloomberg, Michael (Billionaire)
  • Buchanan, Patrick (Republican)
  • Caputo, John (Author)
  • Coburn, Tom (Author)
  • Crane, Michael (Author)
  • De Blasio, Bill (Working Families)
  • Dole, Bob (Republican)
  • Fiorina, Carla (Republican)
  • Goode, Virgil (Constitution)
  • Hart, Gary (Democrat)
  • Hedges, Chris (Author)
  • Hubbard, Barbara Marx (Author)
  • Huckabee, Mike (Republican)
  • Huntsman, Jon (Independent)
  • Johnson, Gary (Libertarian)
  • Jones, Van (Democrat)
  • King, Angus (Independent)
  • Korten, David (Author)
  • Lappe, Francis Moore (Author)
  • Kucinich, Dennis (Democrat)
  • McKinney, Cynthia (Green)
  • Molineaux, Debilyn (Coffee Party)
  • Mosely Braun, Carol (Democrat)
  • Moyers, Bill (Broadcaster)
  • Nader, Ralph (Independent)
  • O'Malley, Martin (Democrat)
  • Palin, Sarah (Republican)
  • Paul, Ray (Author)
  • Paul, Ron (Republican)
  • Perot, Ross (Reform)
  • Rose, Charlie (Broadcaster)
  • Sanders, Bernie (Democrat)
  • Sifry, Micah (Author)
  • Steele, Robert (Author)
  • Stein, Jill (Green)
  • Steyer, Tom (Billionaire)
  • Ventura, Jesse (Broadcaster)
  • Walker, David (Independent)
  • Warren, Elizabeth (Democrat)
  • Webb, James (Democrat)
  • West, Cornell (Author)

02 Prevail on all those Senators and Representatives that he co-owns with the other 40-odd billionaires listed in USA Today, to introduce and co-sponsor the Electoral Reform Act of 2015 for passage no later than 11 November 2015. Recalcitrant Members shall have their front lawns and home offices Occupied in October, with the Occupiers fully-funded for 24/7 celebrations. The end of gerrymandering will impact on many of them, but the deal is simple: we do not go after their seats if they co-sponsor, and if they lose they get a fully-funded two-year transition period to sort themselves out.

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03 As soon as the Act is passed, join with Americans Elect, Voto Latino, the NAACP and so many other stakeholders with vested time and energy in electoral reform, to implement the Act's provisions across all 50 states. This will require money, IF (and ONLY if) Donald Trump is ready to create a non-partisan team, money should not be an issue.

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04 Today Presidential candidates from any party (not just the two-party duopoly but Green, Libertarian, other) are compromised from the day of their nomination — they are required to accept the party platform and all party commitments to major donors. In a word, every nominee from every party is corrupted from day one. While Trump should run as a Republican, pending the Act opening all primaries and eliminating electronic fraud such as stole primaries from Ron Paul in 2012, he must plan to run and win as an Independent (this is why Bernie Sanders is not a serious candidate, Sanders has compromised himself to the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton and is on the record as saying he will not run as an Independent).

Candidates are also not allowed — under today's law that the Electoral Reform Act of 2015 would change — to offer future positions prior to Election Day. The Act makes it mandatory that candidates in the General Election announce their Cabinet 30 days in advance, and encourages Cabinet-level debates (e.g. Attorney General, State, Commerce, Defense). If Donald Trump can force the issue of an Electoral Reform Act of 2015, and offer up a Coalition Cabinet and Balanced budget along with a commitment to close down the Fed and the IRS, institute the APT Tax (which is a micro tax on all transactions including currency and stock transactions not now taxed), and guarentee full employment and a basic income for every legal citizen, he wins. Of this I am certain.

05 It is not enough for an honest executive to be elected. As long as the two-party tyranny dominates Congress and continues to abdicate its Article 1 responsibilities (today the two parties sell Member votes by the bloc and the interests of constituents are not considered), no president will be effective. From the assassination of John F. Kennedy to the pontification of Bernie Sanders and all others, the plain fact is that we have to break the back of the two-party tyranny in Congress and elect at least 20-30% of the Members from the small parties and Independents.

I had to run for President myself in 2012 to learn that we have EIGHT accredited small parties (Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Natural Law, Reform, and Socialist as well as Democratic and Republican), and to learn just how abusive the state processes are against all who are not part of the two-party cabal. The Electoral Reform Act of 2015 will implement the eight measures illustrated above and in so doing, flush many but not all incumbents out of power, and end current situation in which two parties rather than individual constituents are represented in Congress.

It won't be perfect, The Donald will surely break a lot of China (pun intended), but it will most assuredly be a thousand times better than what we have today: Griftopia.

Go Donald Go.

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Do I sound pissed-off?  I am not.  I have absolute faith that there is nothing wrong with America the Beautiful that cannot be fixed — and fixed quick — by restoring integrity to our electoral process and thence to our government, our economy, and our society. I hold the billionaires blameless. This is about corrupt politicians who have been getting away with treason.  Time to retire them all.

Robert David STEELE Vivas
Robert David STEELE Vivas


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